Project Details

School & College Management System

One of the Best Software developed by our Company through which you can handle your School & College easily and maintain Discpline in administration. This apllication can also viwed and used through your mobile phones also. To view this software click on the below given link.
School & College Management

Affordable Gruh

One of the successfull E-Commerce website of our Company which display all the property which are under affordable housing scheme of Indian government. The property value range from 5 Lakhs to 30 Lakhs and which complete his/her dream of his/her own house and which ever class,he/she may be belonging to visit our E-Commerce website Click the Below Link.
Affordable Gruh


As we all know that in today’s aera everything is available online and people wants work online only and wants to cut their physical work from. As we all know the top Officials of Government don’t have much time to monitor each and everything day to day. For e.g. IAS Officers,Ministers, Secretary Level Individual wants to minimize their work with smart working system. We had created something like that only and created a Unique Monitoring System with the understanding of government rules and regulation and working pattern of different office. This software can be used from village level till state level. With this software you can monitor and work at following level.

Complain And Redressal System

This the application which helps the common man to register their problem in their respective municipal corporation. The solution of the complaint can be done faster and people can enjoy the government facilities

Marriage Registration System

Marriage registration system register the marriage according to Gujarat marriage act. The system register the marriage with the photograph of groom and bride. Provides different level of report like State level, district level, taluka level and village level. Issued marriage certificate with the groom and bride photographs.

Akarni System

Akarniveravasulat application is which Is useful in “gram panchayat” This application keeps the record of “manganapatrak” and create village form no 8 and 9. Using this application also use to store data of B.P.L acquirer and generate certificates.

Panchayat Vera System

In this application the gram panchyat can maintain their daily accounts and yearly accounts of profit and loss. They can also keep the track of the stock, even purchased stock quantity etc. At the year end the financial statements can be printed of total expense and total gain.

Date-Birth Registration System

Death and Birth Registration Application is web based application version of Info-Gram Software’s successfully accepted standalone application. Web Applications is very useful application for government offices like District Panchayats and Village panchayats. Using this application a user can make Death and Birth Records entries and can generate variety of reports/summary reports including Death and Birth certificate issued by the governments.

Professional Tax

Professional Tax Collection is web based version of Info-Gram Software’s one of the widely appreciated and used application with the same name which has been now enhanced with few more features. The web based Professional tax Collection and Calculation is very useful application for all village panchayats. The same Application allows user to make Entry of Namuna -3 application form and hence prepares the report in format of Namuna-3. User can Generate Enrollment No. to allocate to Newly Enrolling Tax payer, Edit Namuna -3 Application Details in case of Correction is required in existing detail.Namuna-4 is main Transaction form which is used to make entries of collected Tax.

Site Management System

The site management system is a construction solution in which the site goods management, labor management and payment management is maintain. In this day to day challan entry of the stock being brought on the site can be done and same can be forwarded for payment. The payment has been done in the way of multiple authorization manner.

Booking System

Booking system is works for construction organization or firm which consistently required such application which helps to book property with efficient manner.